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Judy Weeden"More than 36 years ago I left an academic career in biology to follow my passion to make pots, first in Fairbanks, Alaska and now on Saltspring Island, BC. My mentors were steeped in the Marguerite Wildenhain and Bauhaus tradition. What they taught me and what the wilful clay and fire continue to teach has become the guiding principle of my potting life."

"My vessels intend a harmonious synthesis of pleasing functional form and fitting decoration. My pots span a broad range of shapes using a variety of forming methods. Slip-carved abstractions of life forms or orderly geometric patterns, or just plain glazes, tell their stories on the surfaces of my pots. Ultimately I hope they speak for themselves with clarity and independence."

Judy's CV (PDF)

Judy's Web Site


Workshop Outline

Day One

  • Slump-molded platter
  • Make slump-molds for a cheese dome and a teapot
  • Review dripless teapot spouts and throw teapot spouts
  • Make slab teapot spout
  • Build slab vase

Day Two

  • Assemble slump-molded cheese dome
  • Assemble slump-molded teapot
  • Demonstrate handles
  • Slip and decorate platter

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