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Workshops with Cathi Jefferson


Soda Glazing and Firing -- February 4 and 5, 2016

Cathi will be demonstrating her salt/soda firing glazing techniques on Thursday and then work with participants to fire their pieces on Friday in the new soda kiln at Carlson Pottery! This is a very exciting opportunity never before available in Prince George! Participants should come prepared with 10-15 cone 10 bisque pieces to include in the firing. There may be an option to do some additional pit firing or sawdust firing, so consider bringing a few raku pieces as well.

Workshop times: Thursday 10am to 3pm | Friday 7am to late
Fees (workshop and soda firing fees): $175


Throwing tea pots and lidded vessels -- February 6, 7 and 8, 2016

Cathi will be demonstrating skill and aesthetics in throwing and constructing teapots and lidded vessels. Cathi will show you how to create a teapot with great function, design and construction. She will explore other issues including handles, body shape, cutting and assembling, and spouts.

Workshop times: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday | 9:30am - 4pm
Fees (workshop and bisque firing fees): $250


Registration for both workshops is restricted to PGPG members until January 22, 2016  and then will be open to the public. Workshop fees must be paid prior to attending. To register please contact Joanne at

We Have Beginner Classes!

Beginner Wheel Class
with Kate Cooke
January 25 - March 7 (no class on February 8  Family Day): -- 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

Beginner Wheel Class
with Anne Christensen
February 18 - March 24: Thursdays -- 6:30 - 9:30 pm.

Course fee: $250

Fee includes:
• 6 evenings of instruction, plus one month of studio time following classes
• clay and tools
• glazing and firing during classes

This is an introductory course on clay and the potters' wheel. Students learn basic clay preparation, throwing and glazing techniques used to make pots from start to finish. One week is set aside to explore handbuilding techniques using the slabroller and the extruder. Students are encouraged to use the studio for practice during their six weeks of instruction and four weeks of studio time. Typical throwing projects include cylinders (mugs, jugs, vases, etc) and bowls.

To register for these classes, please contact Studio 2880 at 250-562-4526




   Our Mission

To promote communication and co-operation among those interested in the ceramic arts.

To foster artistic and educational activities within the Guild and the community.

To promote members' work through sales, exhibitions and demonstration.