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Canada 150 Patchwork Quilt Project complete at CN Centre !!


The Prince George Potters' wanted to contribute to the overall story of our community so we asked members of the public to paint a tile that expressed their connection to Prince George – an activity, interest or feature of our city that was important to their quality of life.

This tile installation consists of 1375 tiles painted by children, students, teachers, seniors, artists, first nations, people at risk, health professionals, business people, and many members of the general public - anyone who was interested in contributing to the project.

The Potters' Guild would like to acknowledge the following:

  • The artists who contributed their work to the feature panels: Cliff Mann, Natalie,  Marc Lacaille, and  Carla Joseph;
  • The members of the Potters' Guild for their contributions;
  • All of our tile painters who enthusiastically supported the project and helped create this amazing installation;
  • The staff of the CN Centre who provided a venue and valuable input;
  • The staff of the City of Prince George for their insight, hard work and financial contributions;
  • The various businesses and agencies that helped by hosting tile painting sessions; and
  • The Government of Canada through the Canada 150 initiative for their financial contributions


Beginner Wheel Class

Fridays: April 6 - May 11; 6:00 to 9:00 pm
with Kate Cooke

Course fee: $265

Fee includes: 
• 6 evenings of instruction, plus one month of studio time following classes 
• clay and use of guild tools
• glazing and firing during classes


This is an introductory course on clay and the potters' wheel. Students learn basic clay preparation, throwing and glazing techniques used to make pots from start to finish. One week is set aside to explore handbuilding techniques using the slabroller and the extruder. Students are encouraged to use the studio for practice during their six weeks of instruction and four weeks of studio time. Typical throwing projects include cylinders (mugs, jugs, vases, etc) and bowls


To register for these classes, please contact Studio 2880 at 250-562-4526




   Our Mission

To promote communication and co-operation among those interested in the ceramic arts.

To foster artistic and educational activities within the Guild and the community.

To promote members' work through sales, exhibitions and demonstration.